PO HOUSE fulfills new conscious consumption behaviours of shoppers

The global pandemic is fundamentally reshaping our lives and forcing us to evolve. Everything from the way we learn, to how we act, to what we consider important has changed. But is this shift in behaviour a reflection of how society should and could be, and are these changes here to stay?

If you’ve spent the past six months twisting yourself into pretzels trying to live the ‘new normal’ you’re not alone. According to new research*, people are living differently, buying differently and thinking differently. In fact, new data shows that consumer attitudes, behaviours and purchasing habits are changing with people shopping more consciously, sustainably, buying local and embracing digital commerce.

So, has the tide finally turned? Undoubtedly, there are swathes of population embarrassed to learn that it took a global pandemic to make people stop and respond to what our planet earth has been trying to tell us for years. But as they say, “better late than never”.  

While the pandemic has permanently changed our values, PO HOUSE’s values have remained resolute. The cornerstone of our philosophy is the power of a global community, coming together with an aligned philosophy and a shared passion to end the culture of disposable consumption. We believe that by improving one environmental footprint at a time, we can start countless ripple effects of good deeds around the world.

The catastrophic pandemic might have been the start point for many ripples, but we’re grateful to see them developing into waves. These events have reinforced our determination and mission to build a community where smarter shopping choices are made easier.

We have a renewed confidence in humanity and the power in numbers and are thankful that society is marching unified in the same direction. We invite you to join our global community. Together, anything is achievable. With our collection of purpose-led retailers who share our passion for responsible consumption, we are confident we can unite as a force for continued positive change.

Accenture research on world top 25 economies; April 2020