Press Release

Mother Pearl introduces Molasses Collection An irresistible and wholesome series to serve up the winter cravings

Dec 2020

Mother Pearl, the first and only vegan boba tea purveyor in Hong Kong, is introducing its much-anticipated Molasses Collection to spur on the arrival of winter.

Irresistible in form yet wholesome in spirit, Mother Pearl fuses blackstrap molasses into the coveted black sugar bubble tea. Blackstrap molasses is a thick, syrupy, dark brown sweetener and is a byproduct of sugar cane's refining process. Contrary to the regular combination that is loaded with refined sugar, processed ingredients, and high in calories, this natural sweetener is rich in B vitamins, magnesium, potassium and iron, and is helpful in combating stress and acne, managing blood pressure, and relieving PMS symptoms.

Featuring Snow on Molasses, Molasses Bomb and Molasses Oolong, the new textured drinks cheers to the popular black sugar bubble tea, and reimagines it with nutritious goodness like blackstrap molasses jelly, oat cashew pudding and rice froth, offering an unparalleled boba drinking experience.

Snow on Molasses $43 (12oz) / $48 (16oz), concocted with house-made oat hemp mylk, chia seed, active charcoal bubbles, rice froth and toasted almond on top, holds a revitalizing flavour with a unique smoky tang. Molasses Bomb $43 (12oz) / $48 (16oz) tantalises your palate with oat cashew mylk pudding, harmonising the bittersweet blend. For a hint of ginger kick, Molasses Oolong $38 (12oz) / $42 (16oz) brings together turmeric bubbles, oolong tea and gingery jelly made of black molasses. Each drink in the collection will find no shortage of eager taste buds for its guiltlessly satisfying texture and flavour.

Mother Pearl’s vegan pastries are also an all-time-favourite to people who love healthy snacks. Accompanying Molasses Collection is three new pastry creations, Banana flax seed muffin ($25 each), Triple chocolate cookies ($25 each) and Quadruple almond cookies ($30 each).

Molasses Collection is available in Mother Pearl’s flagship store on Lyndhurst Terrace in Central. Takeaway delivery is also available through Foodpanda and Deliveroo to Wong Chuk Hang.