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Mother Pearl, the city's new plant-based boba tea concept, launches seasonal drinks set: Autumn Detox and Nourishment

Sep 2020

The complete offerings of Mother Peal are now available on major online food delivery platforms, Deliveroo and foodpanda

Healthy boba tea houseMother Pearl launches limited-time offering, Detox and Nourish Quartet, available in store and on Deliveroo

(Hong Kong, 28 September 2020) Mother Pearl,Hong Kong‘s first and only boba tea purveyor creating all of its ingredients in-house and from scratch, has been the talk of the town since its launch in August. Introduced by PO HOUSE, the one-stop solution for responsible consumption, the alternative bubble tea house creates its drinks with all-natural sugar, house-blended vegan “mylks",and hand-crafted nutritional tapioca balls.

Quickly rising as the latest sensation for bubble tea devotees and generating interest among plant-based consumers in less than a month, Mother Pearl is now available on the two leading food delivery platforms in Hong Kong. Dedicated to providing nutritional grab‘n' go options, Mother Pearl Iaunches Detox and NourishAutumn Quartet in time for Mid-autumn Festival, offering a delicious, plant-based way for customers to reset their bodies after countless mooncakes and feasts.

In these times, never before has health been more of a concern.Catering to families and friends gathering, the special combo of four nutrition packed drinks — PO Mylk Tea, CitrusHawthorn, Coconut Matcha, and LycheeRose— will be available throughout October. All hand-crafted teas are blended with natural, organic ingredients rich in vitamins and antioxidants, geared to wards facilitating the improvement of the skin and immune and digestive systems.

PO Mylk Tea
Citrus Hawthorn
Coconut Matcha
Lychee Rose

The perfect choice for a light break fast drink, PO Mylk Tea provides healthy fats from almond milk and chai jelly.Topped with a handful of precious snow swallow plusSlices of fresh pomelo and dried hawthorn, the Citrus Hawthorn helps with body edema and digestion while enhancing the skin.Another drink, CoconutMatcha, is made with pink coconut water, which boasts a higher antioxidant level compared to the regular coconut water. Last but not least, Lychee Rose provides fuel for the body, assists in slow digestion, and improves absorption of fat-soluble vitamins with its high level of healthy coconut fat. 

Available in store as  well as on Deliveroo  from  October 1st to 31st,  Mother Pearl's Detox and Nourish Autumn Quartet is a fantastic option for offsetting the Mid-autumn Festival binge. Priced at HKD150 on Deliveroo, enjoy four petite cups of healthy vegan tea at an 11% discount off regular price; avail of the promo in-store and get a free Upgrade to a regular size. This set of four is ideal for sharing with family and friends. 

As an official partner of Deliveroo and foodpanda, Mother Pearl now allows customers to order any item on its menu with convenience, making healthy drink alternatives more accessible than ever.

Mother Pearl's drinks and snacks are now available on online food delivery platforms, Derliveroo and foodpanda.
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Founded in 2020, PO house is a one-stop shop of sustainable lifestyle brands guided by the same philosophy. Within the PO house portfolio are three brands: Something Ode, a platform for slow and pre-loved fashion; Nourish, a carefully curated collection of sustainable skincare and beauty brands as well as an in-house "clean" beauty label; and Mother Pearl, a healthy beverage brand and the first and only boba tea purveyor in Hong Kong with all of its ingredients house-made from scratch. Through sustainable brands and initiatives, PO house envisions creating a positive impact on people and the planet by building digital as well as brick-and-mortar platforms for theme to thrive, in turn making sustainable choices easier and more accessible for all.

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