Press Release

Nourish Clean Beauty Makes Dazzling Debut with Clean Beauty Philosophy

Oct 2020

Nourish Clean Beauty is slated to make dazzling debut on 27th October!

Spurred by the belief that health and beauty go hand in hand with inner strength, Nourish Clean Beauty combines personal skincare and environmental sustainability under the banner of green living in man-nature harmony. In the wake of the 2020 pandemic comes the rising trend of Clean Beauty, with the growing demand for safe and natural products that heralds a new era of green consumption as an intrinsic part of environmental protection, sustainability, and personal wellness.

With an ‘additive-free’, ‘toxin-free’, ‘cruelty-free’ and ‘zero harm’ beauty proposition, the brand offers a healthy skincare experience on its Clean Beauty platform featuring a carefully curated selection of quality skincare and beauty products, including a line-up of vegan options.

Nourish Clean Beauty goes all out to scout for niche clean beauty brands across the globe to address diverse needs. The first to come on stream are 13 coveted eco-labels, five of the brands are available exclusively to Nourish in Hong Kong. From skincare to dietary supplements and to daily personal care, Nourish Clean Beauty strives to meet the needs of all ages (from newborns to pregnant women) and skin types (from acne-prone, sensitive to eczema-prone skin) with the purest skincare experience that contributes to the green cause.

‘‘We believe that Choices Not Chances determine Our Destiny.
Are you sure your skincare regime is safe and toxin-free?’’

Five Exclusive Skincare Brands Available in Hong Kong


Dedicated to the ‘Less is more’ beauty philosophy, American-based LESSE offers a simple yet high-performing collection of three organic skincare products. The brand adheres to a green business mode, which includes green farming of ingredients, carbon footprint reduction from production, carbon offset scheme, and eco-friendly packaging. Deep-seated sustainability and respect to cultural diversity are reflected through non-GM, cruelty-free and hypoallergenic products made with 100% natural ingredients, which are suitable for all, including pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers.

Bestseller: Ritual Serum (Price at HK$698) is a nourishing, transformative blend of highly concentrated antioxidants and active phyto ingredients, namely turmeric and sea minerals, that rejuvenates and retones the skin from within with the powers of nature. It protects the skin from pollutants and UV damage while smoothing out fine lines to restore an even skin tone. Empowered by the instant replenishment of essential vitamins, the skin appears balanced, calm and plumped in just few weeks or even days. Suitable for all skin types.

2. Pink House

Fresh, healthy and safe, skincare products of Pink House are food-grade thanks to the meticulous criteria for ingredient selection. This principle hearkens back to the story of the brand’s founding sisters Tracy Olesen, Karen Sjoberg and Karen's two daughters "Tegan & Lindsay".
The story began when Karen, diagnosed with breast cancer, was distraught over the harmful chemicals contained in her skincare regime that would undermine her battle against the disease. After a search for natural, additive-free off-the-shelf products, to no avail, the sisters decided to create their own skincare formulas. Sadly, Karen suffered a relapse several years later and passed away in 2015, but her beauty legacy lives on. Inspired by the vision to promote women’s wellbeing, Tracy founded Pink House with Karen’s two daughters to make health and beauty accessible with safe, toxin-free and reasonably priced skincare products. Rigorous criteria apply to the selection of ingredients, where even the slightest harm is sifted out. Raising the bar on industry standards, Pink House lives up to its name as a safe, reliable and trusted producer of organic and natural skincare products.

Bestseller: Anti-aging, detoxifying and regenerating, the Vitamin C mask (Priced at HK$248) is best for sensitive and delicate skin. It smooths out fine lines while soothing the skin for an even complexion. Brazilian Gold Clay, Brazilian Old Rose Clay and papaya, rosehip, and aloe vera extract help restore radiance to the skin, leaving it smooth and soft. Orange 5 Fold essential oil fosters detoxification, with the refreshing scent of California orange orchards.

3. Monastery

San Francisco-based Monastery was founded by seasoned skincare expert and aesthetician Athena Hewett in 2011. From her deep reservoir of experience dealing with hypersensitive skin, Athena understands the damage caused by unsuitable skincare products. Her passion for essential oils, passed down from her Greek grandmother, gave birth to Monastery, a beauty brand known for its dedicated aromatherapeutic spa treatments harnessing the phyto power of moisturising, repairing and organic essential oils rich in botanical extracts to purify and heal the skin.

Bestseller: Much lighter than your average cream, but creamier than your average serum, Flora Botanical Cream Serum (Prices at HK$1,288) is a true multitasker that streamlines your daily skincare routine. It prevents visible signs of aging, stimulates microcirculation, soothes irritation, as well as lifts and brightens the skin, all thanks to a potent concoction of active ingredients including sandalwood fruit extract, hyaluronic acid and precious botanical oils. Suitable for all skin types including hypersensitive skin.

4. Kapowder

Beauty and health are two sides of the same coin. Apart from a targeted skincare routine, healthy diet and lifestyle, coupled with quality supplements, are as vital to beautiful skin. Kapowder is the purveyor of choice for all-natural vegan supplements among the health- conscious beauty and sports lovers, offering cruelty-free products made with pure botanical ingredients without preservatives, additives, artificial colours, gluten, and nuts — approved by vegans and green living advocates.

Bestseller: Vitality (Prices at HK$298) is a perfect supplement for your skin and body, crafted with 11 superfoods such as wheatgrass, barley grass, chlorella, matcha, and spirulina to boost skin detox and restore healthy glow and balance to the skin. The bio-fermented plant-based proteins benefit the bowel by maintaining a healthy level of blood glucose, whose correlation to healthy skin is clinically proven. Vitality is a formula that helps rejuvenate your body from within.

5. Vree
Another epitome of Nourish Clean Beauty’s avid pursuit of green skincare, Vree is conceived by professional aromatherapists to pamper your body and mind. Harnessing the healing power of nature, the brand offers a streamlined skincare ritual in its purest form to re-engage us with nature. The door to healthy and firm skin is always open, all that is needed is to be mindful of wellness and listen closely to the needs of your body and mind.

All-vegan, additive-free and eco-friendly are the unconditional promises of Vree in its delivery of three professional services: Customers can choose from eight skincare products based on the basic skincare routine suggested by Vree to create their own simple and intuitive routines. The brand’s aromatherapists offer professional consultancy to identify individual skincare and body care needs, followed by customised formulas for a holistic wellness experience. Stay tuned for the launch of Vree in December.

Selected Green Beauty Brands

Nourish Clean Beauty’s personal care collection brings together all the household names in clean beauty, with handpicked quality products for sale on the e-platform.

USDA-certified Erbaviva is the choice for babies and pregnant women. Eir offers outstanding sun care products, whose bestselling Reef Safe sunscreen is the all-time favourite among sports enthusiasts and marine conservationists. Grown Alchemist boasts natural, organic and plant-based skincare formulas, presented in a pleasing minimalist packaging. Acclaimed French organic oral care brand Lebon combines dental care and aesthetics, with each toothpaste infused with a pleasant natural scent from Grasse. A must-have for the eczema-prone, Satya Organic Eczema Relief is a combination of skincare and eco-friendliness. Skin Need pursues sustainable vegan skincare, suitable for all skin types and particularly good for blemish-prone skin. Founded in the pristine land of New Zealand by a professional herbalist, The Herb Farm is your ultimate herbal skincare solution. Wrapped in biodegradable sleeves, Tsuno’s bamboo fibre-made sanitary pads are naturally antibacterial, skin-friendly and super absorbent. All net profit of Tsuno sanitary pads goes to One Girl in support of its menstrual supplies and scholarships for girls in Sierra Leone and Uganda.