Press Release

PO House Debuts Showroom in Wong Chuk Hang on November 9th Promoting Sustainable Living Through Clean Beauty and Slow Fashion

Nov 2020

Launched in early 2020, PO house, through garnering eco-labels and products from Hong Kong and around the world, commits to putting forward responsible consumption and sustainable alternatives.

PO house is pleased to announce the opening of its showroom on November 9th, located in Wong Chuk Hang. Spanning 1300 square feet, the new showroom fuses organic elements into the design concept, with concrete walls and floors that create a reposeful and serene environment. The beautiful eco-installation from behind the frosted glass panel also echoes the organic theme, spurring guests on to exploring the conscious collection.

“Sustainability is the future. From skincare to fashion, I want this place to be the stomping ground for a new generation of consumers to experience the beauty of and practice sustainable lifestyle, ’ says founder Po Chen.

The showroom is divided into two parts - a clean beauty corner featuring Nourish Beauty and a slow fashion corner featuring Something Ode. Nourish Beauty combines personal skincare and environmental sustainability under the banner of green living in man-nature harmony. In the wake of the 2020 pandemic comes the rising trend of Clean Beauty, with the growing demand for safe and natural products that heralds a new era of green consumption as an intrinsic part of environmental protection, sustainability, and personal wellness.

“We believe that Choices Not Chances determine Our Destiny”

The beauty corner features 13 coveted eco-labels, five of the brands are available exclusively to Nourish in Hong Kong. LESSE, an American-based brand dedicated to ‘Less is more ’beauty philosophy; Pink House, a Vancouver-based brand that prides itself on edible skincare; Monastery, a San Francisco-based brand known for its high quality essential oils with non-irritating properties; Kapowder, an Australia-based brand specialised in vegan supplements; And Vree, our own all- vegan, additive-free and eco-friendly beauty brand that is coming in December. From skincare to dietary supplements and to daily personal care, Nourish Beauty strives to meet the needs of all ages and skin types with the purest skincare experience that contributes to the green cause.

Nourish provides one-to-one consultation, helps customers to select their beauty products and design a perfect regimen tailor-made for your skin’s unique needs.

“We want to do everything we can to slow fashion down without sacrificing the pleasure of it”

Something Ode originates from “Something Old”, redefining the landscape of preloved treasures.

While fast fashion is synonymous to labour exploitation, child labour and pollution, Something Ode composes solutions to second-hand clothing, by connecting everyday lifestyle decisions with products and brands devoted to improving environmental footprints of its customers. Through slowing fashion down, Something Ode builds a community where smarter decisions are made easy, starting the ripple effects of good deeds around the world.

Something Ode holds the highest standard of quality assurance and authenticity in our second-hand products. The “Preloved Collection”, a stunning curation of preloved pieces, makes fashion circularity popular and convenient, all profits made through which will be donated to charities. Additionally, Something Ode collaborates with eco-friendly organisations like The Hong Kong Research Institute of Textiles and Apparel (HKRITA) to create sustainable fashion solutions. Their unique technology, Garment-to-Garment Recycle System (G2G), is a mini-scale garment-to- garment production line that recycles post-consumer garments so that they become clean and useful. It presents an exciting new approach to inspiring a positive approach to garment recycling among consumers and industry players alike.

Here, choices are made easy with exceptional fashion products that have been consciously crafted. Every product in the edit is selected to ensure that it meets at least one of our six key attributes.

  1. Locally Made
  2. Craft & Community
  3. Considered Material
  4. Considered Processes
  5. Reducing Waste
  6. Animal Welfare

Selected sustainable fashion brands include SHOKAY, a sustainable textiles company known for having identified yak down as a luxury fiber; PAPU, a Finish brand that makes playful yet stylish clothing for both kids and adults; KAAM, a Japan sustainable womenswear label; canaco, a Japanese fashion label that incorporates authentically modernized traditional Japanese culture, craft and pattern; And CABO, a Japanese handmade jewelry brand.

Along with the sustainable fashion labels, Something Ode also collaborates with a multitude of local and overseas fashion brands, including SOMETHING ODE X BASICS FOR BASICS、SOMETHING ODE X BLIND BY JW、SOMETHING ODE X TOMORROW BY DAYDREAM NATION、SOMETHING ODE X LA CHAMBRE MINIATURE.

Showroom now open by appointment only. Something Ode welcomes clean beauty and sustainability advocates to come and explore more about responsible consumption.