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Something Ode Makes Splendid Debut

Mar 2021 presents multiple sustainable fashion labels with Preloved Collection dedicated to promoting environmental sustainability and conscious consumption

Ever struggle to style the clothes you just bought?
Ever complain about having nothing to wear even with a closet full of clothes?
Ever wonder what to do with worn out or distressed clothes?

Something Ode originates from “Something Old”, singing praise to well-crafted treasures that are made to last.

In Hong Kong, an average of 70% of garments produced every year ends up in landfill, a fact that is testament to the clothing industry’s startling repercussions that span from worker exploitation, child labour to environmental pollution. As such, Something Ode composes solutions to fashion sustainability, by connecting everyday lifestyle decisions with well thought out products with good intentions. Through slowing fashion down, Something Ode builds a community where smarter decisions are made easy, starting the ripple effects of good deeds around the world.

“We want to do everything we can to slow fashion down without sacrificing the pleasure of it”

Every product in the edit is selected to ensure that it meets at least one of our five key attributes.

1. Locality
2. Artistry and Craft
3. Fair Trade
4. Eco friendly Production
5. Minimal Waste

Selected sustainable fashion brands include Basics for Basics by Kayla Wong, a sustainable textiles company known for having identified yak down as a luxury fiber; PAPU, a Finish brand that makes playful yet stylish clothing for both kids and adults; KAAM and canaco_, the Japanese sustainable womenswear labels; And CABO, a Japanese handmade jewelry brand.

Along with the sustainable fashion labels, Something Ode also collaborates with a multitude of local and overseas fashion brands, including SOMETHING ODE X BLIND BY JW、SOMETHING ODE X TOMORROW BY DAYDREAM NATION、SOMETHING ODE X LA CHAMBRE MINIATURE.

Something Ode holds the highest standard of quality assurance in our second-hand products, and explores new ways of styling with our slow fashion brands. The “Preloved Collection”, a stunning curation of preloved pieces, makes fashion circularity fun and convenient, all profits made through which will be donated to charities. Additionally, Something Ode collaborates with eco-friendly organisations like HKRITA to create sustainable fashion solutions. Their unique technology, Garment-to-Garment Recycle System (G2G), is a mini-scale garment-to-garment production line that recycles post-consumer garments so that they become clean and useful. It presents an exciting new approach to garment recycling among consumers and industry players alike.

Slow Fashion Brand Highlights

As the daughter of former model Janet Ma, Kayla Wong is the founder of Basics for Basics, the ethical fashion brand that mainly uses surplus fabrics, Indian organic cotton and other sustainable materials, promoting equality and man-nature harmony.
CABO revolutionizes traditional Japanese craftmanship with its avant-garde designs, handcrafting one-of-a-kind pieces from top quality aluminium and cloisonne.
Shokay is the world-renowned social enterprise that sources hand-combed premium yak down from Tibetan plateau to develop luxury, light and soft fashion products.
Tomorrow by Daydream Nation is a Hong Kong-based sustainable fashion brand that specialises in reconstructing and redesigning second-hand clothing. Something Ode x Tomorrow by Daydream Nation presents an unparalleled womenswear collection that is made from men’s chinos.
Something Ode x La Chambre Miniature recycles deadstock to create a sharp and chic collection.
Something Ode x HKRITA recycles post-consumer garments through their unique technology, Garment-to-Garment Recycle System (G2G), and turns them into unique knitwear.

Slow fashion online platform Something Ode partners with vegan bubble tea brand Mother Pearl

Mother Pearl as the first and only boba tea purveyor in Hong Kong to create all of its ingredients in house and from scratch, is committed to minimizing food wastage. Their root-to-stem approach takes would-be discarded pieces of their base ingredients and turns them into delicious and healthy drinks and snacks. Such devotion to sustainability echoes Something Ode’s aspiration to slowing fashion down and improving environmental footprints of its customers.

On that note, a fashion-teahouse collaboration is born in the hope of promoting sustainable lifestyle to today savviest consumers. FUTURE BUILDING BLOCKS consists of second-hand kidswear and maternity clothes wedged into two rectangular prisms in different sizes— a signifier of collective effort to build a strong and sustainable future, one step at a time. By displaying the artwork at Mother Pearl’s shop in Central, Something Ode looks back into our consumption pattern, and leads us to better utilise our available resources for a good cause.

FUTURE BUILDING BLOCKS will be exhibited in Mother Pearl’s Central shop between March 15 - March 31.

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